HOTT in Houston

Kim White and Belinda Calhoun Campos

HOTT staged the $2,000.00 added final event for 2006 at Bogie's Billiards in Houston, Texas, December 9-10. The stellar field representing players from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Bastrop, Victoria, and North Little Rock provided exceptional play and ample excitement for Houstonian pool fans. Prizes and surprises infused the two day event.

Feature match-up in the first round was between Lisa Brannen of Arkansas and rising Texas star Kyu Yi which ended in a 9-7 victory for Brannen. Second round action produced more excitement when Sam Holliday just edged Sylvia Shipman 9-8. Things really got intense in the third round when Heather Lloyd saw an 8-4 lead over WPBA Touring Pro Kim White slip away. At hill-hill Heather broke and ran out the final rack for a 9-8 victory. Also, in the same round Calhoun was tested by Melinda Hinojosa who displayed optimum pattern play coupled with consistent pocketing just losing 7-9.

White, however, would begin her march through the one loss bracket with wins over Courtney Peters 9-6; Helen Hayes 9-7; Julie Stephenson 9-2; Kyu Yi 9-3; and Lisa Brannen 9-3 to make her way to the finals against Calhoun. Kim jumped out to an early 3-0 lead. Calhoun evened the match at five, only to lose the next two games for a 5-7 deficit. After the players traded games, the score was 8-6 White. Belinda, 2006 WPBA Hall of Fame Inductee, was able to tie the score at eight. In the last rack, Calhoun made the 4-ball on the break but was left with a thin shot on the 1-ball along the head rail. She managed to make the one but kissed off the 7-ball to scratch in the corner. It looked like a second set would have to be played as Kim had ball in hand on the 2. Unfortunately, White left herself directly over the seven for the 6 which produced a miss. There would be no second set.

Congratulations to Theresa Gonzalez who won the drawing for return of entry fee, Diana Cardona for winning the free entry into a Hunter event of her choice in 07, Lisa Brannen for her subscription to Billiards Digest, Heather Lloyd for winning a bracelet, Kyu Yi for winning a bracelet and to the numerous players who received their $5 recruitment discount. The year end award of $100 and a free HOTT entry for perfect attendance was won by Kim Pierce, Michelle Cortez won a free Hunter entry from the break and run/9 on the break pool; Most Improved Player for 2006 went to Diana Cardona for which she receives 3 free HOTT Tour entries, and the 2006 Tour Champion was Belinda Calhoun.

The second chance event which is usually a $100 added event was sweetened by $200 by the generous contribution of Bogie's Billiards and an additional $100 by Anne Mayes of AO Custom Cues for a $400 added, $10 entry season finale.

HOTT would like to thank their site sponsors: Eric's Billiards, Paradise Billiards, Games and Billiards, and Bogie's Billiards for their generosity and hospitality. Thanks also to all the sponsors who helped in the creation of the Heart of Tejas Tour: Texas Mesquite and Cedar Treasures, AO Custom Cues, Hartley & Company/Bludworth Ball Cleaner, Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Sir Joseph Gloves, Tweeten Fiber Company, Pool and Billiard Magazine, Billiards Digest, Atlas Billiard Supply, Sardo Tight Rack, Stroke, RT9 Designs, Beads and Billiards, Neon Warehouse, and Mr. Notebook. HOTT would like to offer special recognition to Anne Mayes of AO Custom Cues for her donation of a $2,000.00+ cue to each and every event and to Texas Mesquite and Cedar Treasures who donated a $25,000.00 custom pool table that will be raffled off at the 2007 season finale event. Get your tickets at and use them for stocking stuffers! HOTT invites you to be a part of what promises to be an exciting and successful 2007 season. Sincere wishes to everyone for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

1st Belinda Calhoun $725
2nd Kim White $470
3rd Lisa Brannen $365
4th Kyu Yi $280
5th/6th Julie Stephenson, Heather Lloyd $170
7th/8th Michelle Cortez, Helen Hayes $90
9th/12th Kim Pierce, Melinda Hinojosa, Courtney Peters, Annie Doyle $65

Second Chance Event

1st Melinda Hinojosa $180
2nd Kim Pierce $130
3rd Jillian Valles $80
4th Anne Mayes $50
5th/6th Terry Petrosino, Annie Doyle $40