HOTT New Texas Ladies Tour

Belinda Campos Calhoun and Anne Mayes are organizing a new independent ladies tour, Heart of Tejas Tour (HOTT) in Texas with the first event scheduled for June, 2006, open to players of all skill levels.

The $2,000 added per event tour will give women in Texas additional events to hone their skills and an increased opportunity for financial return. In just the few short weeks of planning, HOTT already boasts of seven sponsors including:AO Custom Cues, Aramith Billiards, Atlas Billiards, Carl Miller (Author of Stroke), Mr. Notebook, RT9 Designs, and Sir Joseph Billiards Gloves. Learn more about these companies and the tour at .

"I want to create a venue for amateurs and pros alike." says Calhoun, a 30 year veteran of the Women's Professional Billiard Association. "The women need tournaments with a respectable amount of added money. The days of playing for entry fees only has passed." adds Anne Mayes, Tour Secretary. Each HOTT Stop winner will also receive an entry into a Hunter Tour Stop and special prize categories and door prizes will also add to the excitement of each event.

Interested parties may contact either Belinda or Anne through the Heart of Tejas web site: HOTT would like to thank both the Hunter and Spirit Tours for their contributions and cooperation in helping to establish the HOTTEST Tour in Texas, HOTT.