Pool In Paradise

The players with room owner Harrison Todd

The Heart of Tejas 2nd stop at Paradise Pool & Billiards, Corpus Christi, July 8-9 was a glorious affair. All seven players played six races to 9 in a round robin format and all places were paid. Owner Harrison Todd was his usual gracious self and made everyone feel at home. The equipment was pristine including the giant screen which projected the chart and displayed the 'spinning wheel' which is used for drawings.

There were four rounds played on Saturday and three drawings for a Sir Joseph glove. Match standings at the end of the first day were Belinda Calhoun 4-0; Anne Mayes 3-1; Terry Petrosino 3-1; Kim Pierce 1-2; Diana Cardona 1-2; Theresa Gonzalez 0-3; and Sylvia Shipman 0-3.

The remaining three rounds of play were completed on Sunday. HOTT would like to thank Cristina De La Garza for her donation of a beautiful hand made jewelry set that included ear rings, pendant, and bracelet won by Terry Petrosino. HOTT would also like to thank Theresa Gonzalez who donated a beautiful hand made necklace and ear ring set which was won by Diana Cardona. The winner of the free entry into a Hunter Stop of her choice and the Guiseppe cue case was Theresa Gonzalez.

Final payouts for the event were:

Belinda Calhoun $910.00
Anne Mayes $510.00
Terry Petrosino $310.00
Kim Pierce $210.00
Diana Cardona $150.00
Theresa Gonzales $110.00
Sylvia Shipman $85.00

Total Payout $2,285.00

HOTT would like to thank all the participants and the following sponsors: Mesquite and Cedar Treasures, Aramith, Sir Joseph Billiard Gloves, Mr. Notebook, RT9 Designs, Stroke, Atlas Billiard Supply, AO Custom Cues, Beads and Billiards, Simonis, Pool and Billiard Magazine, Billiard Digest, Neon Warehouse, Sardo Tight Rack, and Hartley & Company.

The Heart of Tejas Tour is looking forward to their next event in Houston and extend an invitation to all female players.