Houston—You Have No Problem

Yvette Reyes, Ming Ng, and Magoo’s manager Kathy McMinn

At the last OB Cues Ladies Tour stop in Richardson, Texas two Houston players finished on top in both the Main Event and Second Chance Tournament.  This past weekend at Magoo's was no different as two other Houston players represented H-town for the wins.  An entourage of 5 Houston ladies (Ming, Ricki, Courtney, Yvette & Teresa) called the Icebreakers made the almost 9 hour drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma and they were blazing trails on the highways as well as on the pool tables.  

Magoo's, always a player and fan favorite on the OB Cues Ladies Tour calendar, hosted our 4th stop of the year.  A very special thanks to Richard Smith, Kathy McMinn, John, Jessica, Sheena, Donna and all other Magoo's staff members for providing top notch hospitality, service and enjoyment for everyone.  Also making the trek to Tulsa was none other than our tour sponsor, Mr. OB Cues himself, Royce Bunnell.   Royce and Don, we can't thank you enough for all that you do for us but know that we are indebted to you beyond words.  OB Cues provides quality shafts, break cues, pool cues, and customer service beyond comparison.  Be sure to check them out at www.obcues.com    Don Owen has also started another venture called Pool300.  Pool300 is a co-sponsor to the tour and Scott Willoughby was at Magoo's to make everyone aware of this new pool game.  You can read all about it at www.pool300.com and you will, without a doubt, want to welcome the challenge to your pool gamesmanship―you won't be disappointed.

Twenty-nine ladies, mostly from Texas, took on the challenge to compete for the guaranteed $750 first place prize money and there were many surprises and early upsets so different from the norm.  Before the draw took place, it was anyone's guess who would win this event as a full force of strong competitors including Lisa Marr, Amanda Lampert, Ming Ng, Orietta Strickland, and Tara Williams were up for the challenge.  Current OB Cues Ladies Tour Champion Lisa Marr made a very unexpected two and out exit.  Lisa took her first loss in a hill-hill match to Brittany Colbert first round and her 2nd loss was against Orietta Strickland.  In another early exit, Amanda Lampert finished 9th-12th with losses to Ming Ng and Corina Campbell.  With these ladies out, it gave the remaining players a chance to increase their points standing.  On Saturday evening, the final 8 were set and would continue their winning quest on Sunday.  Winner side matches included Courtney Peters vs. Brittany Colbert, a local Tulsa favorite, and Ming Ng vs. Tara Williams.  One loss matches included board member Julie Stephenson vs. Ricki Casper, and Corina Campbell vs. Orietta Strickland.   Ricki and Orietta finished 7th-8th while Julie and Corina finished 5th-6th.

Ming defeated Brittany to take the hot seat with a final score of 7-5.  Tara would be Ming's opponent in the finals as she gained wins over Courtney 7-1 and Brittany 7-3.  Courtney completed her tour stop finish in 4th place while and Brittany settled for 3rd.    Good job ladies!

As in all true double elimination formats, Tara Williams, OB Cues Tour board member, would have to defeat Ming twice to take the win but this would not be the case.  Ming was shooting lights out and she bested Tara 7-2 to get her 1st OB Cues Ladies Tour win.  As Ming was part of the Icebreakers road trip crew, this win was well worth the trip.  Awesome win and Congratulations Ming!  

A Second Chance Tournament was held on Sunday morning with 11 players and $200 added monies.  Yvette Reyes, another member of the Icebreakers road troop, double dipped Lisa Henderson-Major in the finals to take 1st place and a $125 pay-day.  Way to go Yvette, nice shooting!

Our next stop will be at Rusty's in Arlington, Texas September 17th & 18th.    OB Cues Ladies Tour---Good Pool, Good Fun, Good Times!  www.obcuestour.com