How to Bet With the Smart Money

As pool players, most of the readers of AZB are not what one would call “risk adverse”. Pool players enjoy the adrenaline of betting on their table skills. They are comfortable in the surroundings of a pool room, secure in their abilities and confident of both their shot-making and their position play. The pool table is a field of battle where they know they can succeed.


But things are different in a casino in Las Vegas or on an online gaming site. Many of us are novices and that lack of experience can prove expensive. We are not familiar with our surroundings like the ‘smart money’ is and we can only erase that shortcoming by gaining in knowledge. That knowledge needs to be broad. Becoming skilled at blackjack is a big help for the card lovers but they need to pair that with information that lets them know where to go to play. Odds, bonuses, extras all differ with location and you need this info to be able to play ‘smart’.


So a source is needed to give you all the critical information you require. We found a highly comprehensive and easily accessible spot where the prospective gamer can get the information pertinent to them very quickly. Before you choose an online gaming site or a physical casino, read the reviews and details at


Here you will be given a choice of online sites with their bonus amounts right there beside their site name. The online section gives you all of the details including, which we found very helpful, a telephone number and fax for the sites in case you need to contact them directly. There are also live chats available to the sites. The reviews tell you the games offered and include details like how promptly the payouts are made.


If using a physical casino in Las Vegas is your choice, then has you covered with the details you really need. It includes all of the major casinos and tells you what games are available, what their minimums are, and even information on smoking rules. The site covers more than the gaming floor with information on food, entertainment and even the rooms. There is a tremendous amount of detail given to covering the Sportsbooks in each location.


So now you have no excuse for being the dumb money. Get smart, arm yourself with knowledge and then go forth with the confidence to win.