IBPF & Predator Group Partner in Women’s Eurotour

The International Billiard Promotion Foundation (IPBF), the commercial arm of the European Pocket Billiard Foundation (EPBF), is thrilled to announce a deal with Predator Group for the naming rights of the Women’s Eurotour for the next two years.
“It has been a few months since the first talks were held, but I’m delighted to welcome Predator Group as the main sponsor of the Women’s Eurotour,” said IBPF President, David Morris. “This will be a great boost for women’s pool in Europe and with a higher prize fund, we will see the women’s tour grow further with our new partners on board.”
The newly branded Predator Women’s Eurotour will consist of five main events each year and will have an added prize fund of €4,500. The first Predator Women’s Eurotour event is scheduled for May in Treviso, Italy. Details can be found at www.womeneurotouronline.com.
“We are excited to partner with the EPBF to help grow and inspire current and future generations of female players in Europe,” said Predator Group CEO, Karim Belhaj. “The Women’s Eurotour events are an asset to the sport and we are proud to be a part of their growth.”
For more information on Predator Group, please visit their website www.predatorgroup.com.