The Eurotour goes live in 2022

2022 sees the Eurotour going out live to a global TV audience with all six events scheduled for distribution. Broadcasting the semi-finals and finals from each event will provide major coverage from a tour that is starting its 31st year. The Eurotour finals will now be played on a Monday instead of the previous Saturdays, to keep the programming away from congested weekend sports schedules.

David Morris, president of EPBF’s commercial arm IBPF commented, “The Eurotour deserves to be on TV and available to a wider audience.

“It’s something that has been in the pipeline, but now it’s a reality. We found that when playing the final at the weekend, we were competing with almost every major sport for airtime, so moving our finals to a Monday made perfect

“We’re also working with Luke Riches, formerly of Matchroom Sport who will be joining us on the TV project. With the events now in place and the best broadcasters of Billiards in Kozoom Multimedia on board, Luke brings vast experience and knowledge to an already established set-up and we very much look forward to working with him,” said David Morris.

Luke Riches said, “It is very exciting to see the Eurotour make the move into live TV broadcast. The tour is packed with the greatest players in the world and the opportunity for them to showcase their considerable talents on a new platform can only be good for the game.

“There’s a great team in place at the EPBF, working tirelessly to make this a success, and it is a tremendous honour for me to be joining them to work on this project.”

The Eurotour was established in 1992 and has been the flagship of the EPBF since the very first day. Paying out more that €6 million in prize money, it has become the most successful 9-ball tour in the world, boasting some of the best players on the planet.

Entering its 31st year, the EPBF President Gre Leenders said “The tour started with TV productions back in 1992 and we have made many live and postproduced events in recent years but it is excellent to now have a steady stream of live events available to millions. Moving the days and using the weekends for the early rounds will also help some athletes to attend without too much time away in the week days”

Plans are already underway for the first event in February 2022 and all information as to where it will be broadcast, we’ll be publishing in due course.

For more information and scheduled dates, check out the EPBF website or contact the EPBF press office at