Immonen: “They’re all going to crumble under the pressure!”

With the Mosconi Cup XX just around the corner, we're going to reveal some of the players point of views on this unique event.

We have been asking all ten players the same questions, and some led to very interesting answers.

Today, Europe's Mika Immonen takes our quiz:

1 - Describe the MC in ONE word:

2 - What's your favorite MC moment?
All the wins are favorites. I think the first time we won it, 2002, because Europe took a lot of beating before that. I had a pretty good track record but we kept losing until then.

3 - What's your least favorite MC moment?
Obviously 2006, Rotterdam. I could've won it for Europe. I missed the position on the nine. I remember rushing the shot... It's one of those times when I wished I would've had an extra time to breathe.

4 - Who do you think will be the strongest player on your team?
It's impossible to say.

5 - Who do you think will be the weakest link in the opposite team?
Tough pick... I think they're all going to equally crumble under the pressure!

6 - Tell us what the final score will be?