Immonen wins Blackpool Open

Mika Immonen

The Blackpool HCP Open had it's 10th anniversary this year. Notables to win the event in the previous years were Niels Feijen from the Netherlands (2008) and Sweden's Tom Storm (2005). Also Finnish pool stars Markus Juva (2007) and Marko Lohtander (2004) have conquered the title.

The field of 98 players contained top international pro's like Mika Immonen, Markus Juva, Marcus Chamat and Niels Feijen. This year it was the time for none other than Mika Immonen to win the event that plays races to seven with handicaps ranging from 0 to 4 racks.  Immonen also became the 10th winner of the event, very much to his delight after last year's defeat in the finals to Niels Feijen.

The final match was pretty much dominated by Immonen as he ran out 3 first racks from his own break while stealing one from Feijen. From 5-3 it was one way as Mika cruised to a dominating win with the score of 7-3 and the 5000 pound payout.