Important Notice About Kamui Chalk

Dear valued customers,
We thank you for your trust and support in the Kamui Brand, which is the basis of our
passion to pursue a continuous improvement of our products.
We have recently been aware of a potential problem our customers might encounter with our
chalks 0.98 released on July 22nd 2011, and 1.21, released on March 30th 2012. Indeed, we
have found that the hardness of the chalk deteriorates when it is frozen and then defrosted.
The cause for this inconvenience is the small bubbles in the chalk shrink in size when frozen,
and expand when defrosted. This process compromises the bonds of the chalk as a solid
The amended version, we will now release, does not contain bubbles. Tested on May 19th, we
confirmed the improved hardness of the chalk.
The current version of the chalk will not experience any problem UNLESS FROZEN.
However, as our products are being distributed internationally, they may be used in cold
climates. We cannot guarantee that our customers will be satisfied with our products and it
is our duty to prevent them from any potential disappointment.
Due to the different reasons raised above, we have decided to take the following actions:
1. The name of our chalk line will be changed to:
- Kamui Chalk 0.98  Kamui Chalk 0.98 α (Alpha)
- Kamui Chalk 1.21  Kamui Chalk 1.21 α (Alpha)
2. The color of the package will be changed from silver to white in order to prevent any
mis-purchase for the current version.
3. We will start making the new version immediately and replace the current versions,
which have not already been opened, with a new one. This process will be realized
through the help of our authorized distributors.
We sincerely apologize for not being able to foresee this potential problem, but also for the
inconvenience we may cause you. Our priority will always remain the satisfaction of our
customers and we want to ensure our products with reliability and fulfillment.
We thank you for your understanding and, appreciate your cooperation.
Sincerely yours,
Masato Hiraoka
Managing Director