Kamui Chalk – For Serious Players Only

Kamui is proud to announce the launch of their new chalk.

The world of pool can sometimes be intimidating. Whether in it for sport, a challenge game with friends to pass time, a career or all three of these- Kamui™ believes anyone can play proficiently.  Kamui™ has been known for products in which research and science have been the foundation of all billiard tools introduced to the market that are designed to actually enhance the play and performance of both the player and his cue. Kamui™ has now re-invented the industry's idea of "chalk". After two years of research and development and over 100 versions tested, Kamui™ did a soft launch of the new Kamui™ Chalk at the Super Billiards Expo in Philadelphia, PA early this year. Kamui™ Japan saw a large gap in the market to create a material smooth enough to fit the Kamui™ tip, but engineered to stick to all leather material.  Realizing the chalk had a large responsibility to out perform all big-box chalk brands, Kamui™ USA needed to make sure the players had the opportunity to try the chalk on their cues, and in the process, introduce a lot of players to the combined performance of the Kamui™ Chalk and Kamui™ layered tip.  The response to the new Chalk has been a large success, and Kamui™ is looking forward to bringing the Chalk back to the BCAPL in Las Vegas in May.  To purchase, visit us at the BCAPL May 11-May 22nd or after May 22nd log onto http://www.kamuitips.com/ .

You can also call 1-877-GO-KAMUI (1-877-465-2684).