Kamui Says: Throw Away Your Cue Tip Tool

KamuiTips.com suggests you throw away your spiked, gritty, concaved, and “put between your feet and start a forest fire in the pool hall” type of pool cue tip tool.  

Ever since Kamui™ Tips did a soft introduction to the market of the new Kamui™ Gator Grip this past May in Vegas at the BCAPL tournament, it has proven itself to be a unique solution to the common problem of a glazed pool cue tip surface. It is the answer to proper pool cue tip maintenance and necessary to agitate the compaction of chalk that would otherwise intercept the relationship of the ball and Kamui™ leather.

For approximately 6 years, Kamui™ Tips could very well take on the persona as the proverbial Little Engine That Could. Kamui™ Tips has stood out from the competition with the ambition of producing the best pool cue tip money can buy for the avid and recreational player. “With the mass of pool cue tips that are on the market, many players experience miss-cue and mushroom issues at times when they need their cue to perform the most” says, John Bertone Owner/Operator of KamuiTips.com. “Our manufacturer understood that in order to corner the tip market, science, technology and high standards is the formula for a successful and consistent product during the production process.”  

An instructional YouTube video of the Kamui™ Gator Grip is now available. From this video, it is evident that a minimalistic approach is all that is needed to maintain a perfect Kamui™ Tip.   

The Kamui™ Gator Grip is now available at most cue maker shops and retailers.