Inaugural World Professional Billiard League (WPBL) Season Starts November 8th 2012

For the first time in the history of competitive billiards, a multi‐city 132 match professional league is about to begin its inaugural season.

Las Vegas: With teams in twelve cities across the USA and Canada, and 36 of the world's top pool players, the November 8th launch of the World Professional Billiard League (WPBL) aims to take the world by storm. "It's time for professional billiards to take the main stage," explains Larry Chiborak, WPBL President & CEO. "Millions of people play and love pool, but there's no true league, no teams and no set schedule to follow. The WPBL's goal is to make billiards accessible and entertaining for everyone; our players are the best of the best and this season we have over one million dollars at stake."

The WPBL regular season kicks off November 8th, 2012 and runs until April 21st, 2013. The playoffs start April 25th, 2013 and the championship match will be played May 19th, 2013. All WPBL matches are played in Las Vegas, Nevada at the newly constructed WPBL arena. There will be live play‐by‐play announcers, a live audience and, to increase the excitement, the WPBL is the world's first Bonus Ball league.

"There's no other game like Bonus Ball – it's a hybrid of nine ball, straight pool and snooker," explains Johnny Archer, four‐time world champion and WPBL Player Director. "The strategy and difficulty of the game bring out the talent in our players, and the unique scoring system, shot clock, time limit and score board really boost the excitement."

To get a feel for Bonus Ball and to see some real live WPBL action, the WPBL has just launched their first promotional video titled, "Captain's Challenge: Atlanta Scorpions vs. Toronto Blue Sharks" available at Johnny Archer is the first big name player to be announced, but the WPBL is chalk full of the world's best shooters leading teams from 12 cities including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston.

WPBL matches will be available to pool halls, bars and homes all over the world via online payper‐view purchased on a weekly basis throughout the season. The full schedule will be released in the upcoming weeks, along with team names, logos, jerseys and full team rosters. All league information will be posted on the forthcoming re‐launch of the website scheduled for November 1st. More information is currently available on the or websites.