International 9-Ball Open Second Stage Underway

Alex Pagulayan (Karl Kantrowitz)

The International 9-Ball Open is now into the single elimination second stage of the brackets. The top sixteen undefeated players will now face a random player drawn from the final sixteen players with one loss.

The first matches to take place are…

Jayson Shaw vs Naoyuki Oi
Earl Strickland vs Denis Grabe
Shane Wolford vs Fedor Gorst
Dennis Orcollo vs Alex Pagulayan
Omar Al Shaheen vs Hunter Lombardo

The remaining players will be drawn later in the day.

All players at this stage of the event are guaranteed prize money, with players losing in the round pocketing $1000.

Follow all of the action with Live Scoring and online brackets for the 9-Ball. AzBilliards is working along with to help put those brackets online.

The International 9-Ball Open will continue play all of this week and can be watched as part of the online PPV for this event at For the first time in the history of this event, fans can watch action on any table as part of the PPV coverage.