International Open One Pocket Final Eight Underway

Roland Garcia

The International Open One Pocket Division is now down to the final eight players, who will play in a single elimination bracket to determine the final champion. 

The four matches, all scheduled to start at 4pm EST, are…

Darren Appleton vs Josh Roberts
Roland Garcia vs Tony Chohan
Sky Woodward vs Omar Al-Shaheen
Fedor Gorst vs Alex Pagulayan

The winners of each of these matches will play again at 6:30 with the final match scheduled for 9pm EST. 

Both the 9-Ball and Bigfoot 10-Ball are scheduled to kick off tomorrow (Monday) at noon EST.

Fans can watch not only the featured table with full commentary, but also any other table at the event with the Accu-Stats PPV coverage. They can also follow all of the action online with real-time scoring and online brackets all week long. 

PPV Coverage
Stage One Online Brackets
Stage Two Online Brackets
Real Time Scoring

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