IPhone App Now Available for Pool Players

The Sports Performance Assessment for Pool (SPA-POOL) is now available in itunes for the iphone and ipod/ipad touch.  The SPA-POOL is the world's first mental toughness test for pool players and is designed to help with many pieces that make up mental toughness, including confidence, focus, and the ability to handle adversity.  In addition to colorful graphics and a trend-data capture that allows players to test and re-test throughout the year and chart their progress, the SPA-POOL also includes unique, user-specific tips and feedback from sport psychology expert Dr. Chris Stankovich, enabling players to improve their future scores – and win more games!!  Lets face it, pool is a very “mental” game – the SPA-POOL is designed to help you maximize your pool playing abilities while eliminating unnecessary “choking” under pressure.
You can check out the SPA-POOL:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spa-pool/id369712579?mt=8