Irelands American Pool League Pro Season

Hustlers Pool Hall, Belfast is extremely proud to announce Ireland's new APL Pro Ranking Season. "The American Pool League is a yet to be launched Pool League system and Hustlers Pool Hall Belfast was the first to sign up on a R&D basis" explains HPHB Tournament & Events organiser, Mr. Sean Judge. "We were so overwhelmed by the enthusiasm pouring out of this organisation that we thought to develop the relationship? ", he added.

Mr. Judge also said, "The new Irish Professional Season will be strictly limited to 16 players as we want quality not quantity. It consists of 5 Pro Ranking events (Double Elimination with guaranteed tournament pay outs) which will then seed players for the Grand Final! We have also adopted a 'Grand Slam' initiative for any player that achieves 5 tournament wins in one season. All of our events will be supported with Trophies, guaranteed prize money and we are extremely pleased to announce official sponsors to our season."

As a display of our intentions we are privileged and humbled to announce that McDermott Cue are to be the official cue sponsor of our tour. We have previously met Director of Cue King Promotions, Jason Lawrence who has shown huge interest in Irelands American Pool scene. So it has been a natural and mutual development process for us.

"This is a very exciting opportunity for McDermott Cue. Increasing the participation of billiards and driving the profitability of pool room operators is critical for the success of our industry," said McDermott Cue Promotional Director Jayme Cernicka. "Providing players with superior products as the G-Core and I Shafts, with a perfect blend of performance, affordability and the newest technology available, are core values that McDermott Cue represents and is just one of the key benefits of this program."

In addition, the APL's official Marketing Team, Cue King Promotions has confirmed that EMERGEN-C will be our official sports drink. "This is really cool and exciting for our tour. All players be greeted with a cocktail reception at every event, to kick start their day. As well as being able to re-vitalise, re-charge their battery (so to speak) with this healthy balance diet of fruit enhanced vitamin C energy drink. I can see this being a hit with our players, especially towards the latter stages of gruelling tournament play." explained Rachel Adams, Marketing Manager of CKP.

Unfortunately there was none on hand to speak on behalf of The APL and its business intentions. All we know is what is stated on their website:

The American Pool League: The APL is the first American Pool League system with a primary objective a managing players from around the world under one system. That system is to be always known as American Pool. A place where amateur players can enjoy playing all disciplines of American Pool, interact with top professional players, get tips, lessons, chat, qualify for pro events, and get on the right track to being the best pool player you can be! Whether you are the avid American Pool players or just a beginner, you'll find the APL to be a fun and friendly environment where you can play American Pool, enjoy American Pool and also WIN CASH!

Ireland's Professional Ranking Season is due to commence late August / early September 2011 and entries are filling up fast. For further information, please visit

For further information on Prestigious Billiards Cues or high energy drinks please visit and respectively.