Southern 9 Ball Inter-League confirms APL affiliation

The First large scale 9 Ball Team League will soon be taking off in the UK.

Following recent discussions, we are delighted to announce that each team member will become affiliated to the "APL – American Pool League". The American Pool League: The APL is the first American Pool League system with a primary objective of managing Pool Leagues from around the world under one system. That system is to be always known as American Pool. A place where amateurs can enjoy playing all disciplines of American Pool, interact with top professional players, get tips, lessons, chat, qualify for pro events, and get on the right track to being the best pool player you can be! Whether you are an avid American Pool player or just a beginner, you'll find the APL to be a fun and friendly environment where you can play American Pool, enjoy American Pool and also WIN PRIZES!

Covering the entire Southern counties, from Cornwall across to Suffolk, players now have the opportunity to test their 9 Ball credentials in a team environment. There have already been calls for the league to expand its geographical size to the Midlands and so, if there is enough interest received, venues will be allowed to participate from these areas.

"This is a great opportunity for seasoned 9 Ball players to further establish themselves and enter top competition, as well as for new "9-Ballers" to get a feel for the game in a fun environment which isn't always the case in individual tournaments.

Our members will now fully benefit from the online facilities as well as APL sponsored endorsement from the likes of McDermott Handcrafted Cue, Cue King Promotions, Black Heart Tips and Emergen C that have been allocated. In addition, the APL confirmed that an international tournament between The Southern League Team Champions and the Irish Team Champions will take place late 2012, which brings additional incentive to our members." explained Southern League Operator, Matt Carr.

As a showcase, there is to be a one day team event organised for 18th September 2011 at Legends Sports Bar, Essex, so the public can view the league structure in operation and sign up.

All entry fees are paid out in the prize fund (entry is £100 per team) and teams will get at least 2 or 3 matches so it provides good value.

The APL Southern 9 Ball Inter-league launches in October 2011 with all entry submissions processed by 18th September 2011.

Entry forms and details can be downloaded at or at

For more information contact Matt Carr on 00 44 7540 096631