James Davis Jr Scores First Career Lone Star Tour Win

Ladies TD Chuck Adams, James Davis Jr., Kim White and Ernesto Bayaua

James Davis, “Junior”, formerly of Bastrop, Texas now calls Houston “home”. Junior is well known throughout the pool world, following in the footsteps of his famous player father, James Davis Sr. Davis, along with 57 other Texas sharpshooters converged on Q Stix Billiards to duel for the cash, not only in 9-Ball, but One Pocket too! The Lone Star Tour yielded a total of 97 players this weekend with 21 entrants in the One Pocket and 18 in the Ladies 9-Ball. The total added money was $1,850, our largest added money event to date!

The 9-Ball event kicked off at 1pm on Saturday, and the final 16 returned on Sunday “in the cash”. Tour regulars Andy Jethwa, Denis Strickland, Ernesto Bayaua, John Newsome, and Danny Tam were just a few who made the cut.

The final four on the winner's side paired Davis v. Newsome and Tam v. Bayaua. Davis v. Newsome was a hill hill thriller but Newsome scratched on the 4 ball in the final game and it was all over. Tam also played like a pro and defeated Bayaua. The hot seat match pitted Davis v. Tam. Davis staked his claim over Tam and awaited his west side opponent.

On the one-loss Mike Alonzo bested Aaron Springs, and Doug Young finished David Mendiola.  In the next round on the one-loss side, Bayaua bested Young in a hill hill thriller and Newsome finished Alonzo 7-5. In the end, it was Newsome v. Bayaua on the west side. Bayaua played impeccable, and emerged the victor 7-3 to meet up with Tam. Tam succumbed to Bayaua's drive and he paired up with Davis for the final. Both players displayed utter determination and conviction. Even though it was a great match, Davis finished undefeated by a final score of 9-7. Davis also finished second to Doug Young in the One Pocket event and Joe McNamara finished a respectable third. Congratulations to all of our players, but especially James Davis, Jr. , who we are proud to say, captured his first ever career “win” on the Lone Star Tour. That's exactly what we are all about!

On the ladies side, 18 tour regulars along with former winners Jillian Valles and Terry Petrosino of the OB1 Tour fiercely competed for over $1,000 in prize money along with former touring pro and Lone Star newcomer Ming Ng.  Courtney Peters, vying for her first win, made it to the hot seat match with Ng only to be ousted taking a 3rd place finish after Terry Petrosino bested her for a chance at first place. It was Petrosino over Ng 7-6 the first set, but the second went Ng's way 5-2. Congratulations to all of our Lone Star Guys & Gals, who are all ranked as semi pros on the tour's website.

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors Poison Cues, the Delta-13 Rack, The Billiard Factory, Bobby Rone & Q Stix Billiards, and James Barnett of Cameron, Texas. Our stream is brought to you by Eugene Lee, LSBT Web Tech, and you can watch live pool action, and recorded matches at www.ustream.tv/channel/lonestarbilliardstour . 

Our first 2010 Bar Table 9-Ball Event is March 27th-28th, at The Green Room in Temple, Texas. For more information and a complete schedule, visit www.lonestarbilliardstour.com. God bless everyone and God Bless Texas.