Jasmin Ouschan Wins Player of the Year Honors from AZB

Jasmin Ouschan

The WPBA has a new superstar and her flowery name belies the explosive power she brings to the table. Jasmin Ouschan let her cannon break shot lead her to capture three of the five WPBA Classic Tour events in 2009 and with that earned her Player of the Year status over runner-up Ga Young Kim. While Kim also had an outstanding year, it was Ouschan's three WPBA Classic Tour wins that cemented her position as the 2009 Player of the Year.

Jasmin took her first WPBA win of the year at the Great Lakes Classic. Her next two finals resulted in wins over the same player, Xiaotang Pan. Ouschan defeated Pan 7-5 to win the Pacific Coast Classic and then beat her 7-2 to win the Tour Championship. Jasmin also scored top 10 finishes at both the WPBA US Open and the Colorado Classic.  Notable international finishes this year included a third at the Women's World Ten Ball Championship and a fifth at the China Open Women's Division.

Ouschan is a great addition to the WPBA lineup of stars. She is fan-friendly and the fans have fallen behind her in droves. But as outgoing as she is off of the table, she is tremendously focused while playing and has an innate ability to live within the rails while in competition. She is as focused as any player has ever been and her concentration allows her to be deadly and consistent.

She also has a coach, Michael Neuman, who keeps her nose to the grindstone. Always studying her game while she is playing, Michael helps Jasmin discover and work off any weaknesses that may creep into her game. And that is one of the secrets to her success. Jasmin in no way feels that she is at the top of her game. She feels she still has a lot of improving to do and she labors long and hard to make those improvements.  She plays in a lot of men's events, where she has taken down World Champions on multiple occasions. She says she really enjoys competing against the guys because: “They play at a bit of a higher level. It really sharpens you up.”  Ouschan is aggressive and runs headlong into any challenge she can find. Her will to win is fueled by big games and big name opponents.

AZBilliards wishes all the best to Ms. Ouschan and congratulates her on her first Player of the Year title. We have enjoyed watching her progress from a dedicated teenager to a true professional and we look forward to covering her exploits for many years to come.