WPBA Appeals Board – Decision Regarding Jasmin Ouschan

Jasmin Ouschan

Following a thorough investigation, the WPBA Appeals Board came to a unanimous decision on the outcome of Jasmin Ouschan's appeal request. Originally, Ms. Ouschan was given a two tournament suspension by the WPBA Board of Directors when she elected to participate in the WPA's World 10-Ball Championships after the WPBA had issued a notice to WPBA players that waivers would not be granted for the World 10-Ball Championships because it conflicted with the WPBA Pacific Coast Classic in order to avoid possible damage to the relationship with its Classic Tour sponsors. Ms. Ouschan elected to appeal the penalty as per the WPBA Player Policy guideline options. The matter was then handed over to the Appeals Board who reviewed all documents and decided to replace the WPBA Board of Directors penalty with a one tournament suspension and $1,000.00 fine.  

The WPA is in charge of scheduling all WPA sanctioned events, and although the WPA recognized that the WPBA's event was scheduled prior to the World 10-Ball Championships, they were unable to make any changes. The WPBA saw that similar conflicts were on the 2009 schedule and realized this could again adversely affect the players.  The WPBA contacted the WPA to discuss how to avoid this for future events and the WPBA was able to make the necessary changes for the 2009 season.