Jay Swanson Memorial Day Two

Rafael Martinez

With day 2 of the Jay Swanson tournament underway, there was a long way to go to reach the end and the tournament directors wasted no time in getting things started.

There have been several great matches to watch, starting with Rafael Martinez and Jose Parica's match. Rafael and Jose went neck and neck until the 7th game when Parica ran out to take the lead making the score 4-3. The next game, Rafael gave Parica ball in hand with a 2-9 combo which he made making the score 5-3. However, the next rack Rafael ran out from the 2 to keep the score close at 5-4. Parica once again looked as if he would take control of the set when he ran out the 10th rack but in game 11 Jose left himself long and straight in on the 6 which he made but left himself hooked on the 7. Although Parica made contact with the 7, he scratched and gave Rafael ball in hand. Rafael ran out to tie the score at 6-6. Although the 2 players traded shots for the next few games, Rafael took control and won the set 8-6.   

Another great match was the one between Scott Frost and Max Eberle. Max won the first game but a jawed 8 ball let Scott tie up the score at 1-1. Scott then broke and ran to take the lead. Scott kept pace with Max until the score was 3-3 when Max took advantage of several situations and won the next 3 games. In rack 10, Frost left Max safe on the 1 ball twice and Max failed to hit the ball either time. Scott then played safe once again trying to get a 3 foul win but Max made a good hit and made a ball. Eberle however did not have a good shot on the one and missed. Scott could get anything started as he made the one and missed the safe on the 2 leaving a bank for Max which he made to start the run out. That win made the score  7-3. Frost was not quite ready to hand over the reins and made a 4-9 combo, snapped in the 9 on the next break and then broke and ran out the next game to get back within one rack at 7-6. Unfortunately for Frost, the next rack saw the cue ball fall after making the 1 ball giving Max ball in hand to run out and win the set.

Mitch Ellerman, Curtis Johnson, Wayne Pullen, Louis Ulrich, Justin Bergman, Bernardo Chavez, Mike Mitchell, Ernesto Dominguez, Clayton Vann, Skip Miller, Sal Butera, Ramin Bakhtiari, and Morro all remain on the Winner's side.

The following people placed 49th-64th and won $50.00:

Fred Boggs
Sean Lane
Rich Geiler
Danny Kukendal
Denzel Suntay
Dale Kadoun
Al Vafa
Sy Nakashima
Paul Langley
Mike Bredehoft
Bruce Choyce
Ken Johnson
Frank Almanza
Bill Houck
Randy Howell
Jamison Neu