JD Wins Seattle Open

Randy Camantigue and Jack's Billiards (formally Uncle Jack's) in Lynnwood, Washington, held the Second Annual Seattle 9-Ball Open. The tournament was held over the weekend of August 23th and 24th, with players from Washington, Oregon, Canada and one as far away as Detroit, Michigan. There were sixty players with a total purse of $3950 which consisted of the entry fees, table fees and $1000 added by Randy, the owner of Jack's Billiards.

John Doherty (JD), a well known player from the area, made it to the final match by defeating Marvin Holmes (9-6), Aric Twohy (9-3), Jr. T (9-5), Ben Hassler (9-4), Raul (9-5); then loss to Chuckie Holyoke (6-9). He then defeated Raul again (7-6) to face Chuckie Holyoke who was in the hot seat.

Holyoke, the youngest player in the tournament and from the area, made it to the finals by defeating Mike Jensen (9-8), Jr. T (9-6), Tim Paget (9-8) Jeff Jimenez (9-3) and then Randy Camantigue (9-8) and JD (9-6.

Doherty started the final match coming out strong and going up (4-1) with it looking as though he wasn't going let up! Then in a blink of an eye, Holyoke tied the match up at (4) all! It was not going to be an easy match for either of them. The final match was one race to (11) and it took all (21) games before a champion would be crown. Doherty was on the hill at (10) games with Holyoke at (8)  when he again tied the match at (10-10). Holyoke broke the final game, but was unable to get out. Doherty came in and finished the rack to win the tournament (11-10). This final was well worth the time to stick around and watch.

The players finished as follows:

1st John Doherty $950
2nd Chuckie Holyoke $600
3rd Raul $400
4th Randy Camantigue $300
5th/6th Ben Hassler/Kevin Ross $225
7th/8th Eddie Carrido/Tyler Hayne $175
9th-12th Dumo/Arlo Walsman/Jeff Jimenez/Eddie Mataya $125
13th-16th Danny Stewart/Buster/Robert Colby/Al Perez $100

Time and effort by the room owner and the tournament director(s) is what make these tournaments work, several players thanked Randy and his staff for the fine job they did this weekend.

Thanks once again for joining us at Jack's Billiards.