Jeanette Lee Conquers Mainland China

Jeanette Lee pictured in front of promotional materials

In a bluster of press coverage, Jeanette Lee stormed into Shanghai for the highest profile pool event in Mainland China's history for an event titled USA v China Women's Pool Challenge. The event was organized by famous celebrity Yue Sai Kan, a famous Chinese celebrity and business woman who told me her motivation for organising the event came from her deep respect of Jeanette's great achievements in overcoming her severe spinal problems. She interviewed Jeanette recently for an upcoming TV series in China called Yue Sai's World.

Yue Sai's media connections ensured high publicity for the event, which was more of a showcase than a tournament. The challenge involved Jeanette against the three highest rated Mainland Chinese players.

In the first round, which was effectively the semi-finals, Jeanette sneeked past Chen Xue 7-6 for a place in the final. On the other side, Angela Pan (Pan Xiao Tina), ranked 4th in the World, came back from 4-6 down to beat 18 year old World Junior Champion Rebecca Zhou (Zhou Meng Meng) 7-6.

Angela Pan met Jeanette in the finals and the Black Widow got off to a strong start running 3 racks from her 2-1 lead to lead 5-1 in a race to 7 final. Angela fought back bravely but lost 7-4 to an in form Jeanette Lee.

The event recieved live prime time broadcasting followed by repeat prime time broadcasting on Shanghai's Greats Sports TV and was sponsored by local jewelry company Ocenid. Other print, TV news and Internet media gave considerable coverage to this landmark pool event in Mainland China.

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