Jeanette Lee Defends Her Empress Cup Title

Cha and Lee pictured with Dragon Promotions General Manager Myung Jin Kim.

Bucheon, Korea-  Jeanette Lee successfully defended her Empress Cup crown against Yu Ram Cha in a repeat of last year's finals. The 3rd Annual Empress Cup took place at La Festa Shopping Mall featuring Allison Fisher (ENG), Shanelle Loraine (GUAM), Zarah Delrosario (PHL), and Koreans  Yu Ram Cha , Gui Young Lee, and Jeanette Lee. The Dragon Promotions event is aired on XTM and XPORTS, leading Korean channels and sponsored by Takini Cloth, Predator Cues, Poison Cues, Vigma Balls, Ra Beauty Core,, La Festa, and Min Tables.

The six women were divided into two groups of three players each in a round robin, with the top player in each group entering the finals. Lee's route to the finals included a 3-1 win over Allison Fisher and then a close call escape over Shanelle Loraine 3-2. Meanwhile Cha dominated Filipina Zarah Delrosario 3-0 and then took care of Gui Young Lee 3-1.
"I've really enjoyed my time here in Korea. It's a very clean country and the people are very friendly. I had a wonderful time going to the late night shopping mall with the girls. Next time I will plan on staying a few days longer to see more of the sights",complimented Fisher of her first time visit to South Korea.
The final match between Cha and Lee was a repeat of last year's finals, with Lee winning in the decisive sudden death game. The finals was race to 2 games, 2 sets, and split sets would result in a one game sudden death playoff. This year Lee was able to avoid the sudden death as she won both sets 2-0, 2-1 to retain her title as Empress.
After the finals, a special 10-Ball ringgame with Fisher, Lee, and Cha was filmed as the players raced to 3 in the ringgame format. Fisher was the one coming out on top with 3 games first, with Lee and Cha at 1 game apiece.

"I'm tired of losing in finals of the TV tournaments!" said Cha in faux disgust. "I'm going to win the Queen of Carom event tomorrow" she warned with a sly grin.

The lady players continue play the following day at The 3rd Annual Queen of Carom.