Jeanette Wows Them at Ozone Billiards

Jeanette Lee came to the new Ozone Billiards retail store on Cobb Place Blvd in Kennesaw, Georgia on Saturday and lit the place up with an entertaining and energetic show. Jeanette is well-versed in entertaining crowds and she had the entire place in the palm of her hand before she ever picked up the cue. She personalizes her show for the audience at hand and here she charmed the kids, then moved up to the older children and on to the adults in a seamless presentation of cueing wonder.

You never know what you will face in these shows. They are all different and you have to be ready. In Kennesaw the crowd sort of ran a ringer in on Jeanette when they put forward 11-year old Sarah Witkowski of Marietta. Sarah, with only a bit of coaching from Lee, made all the shots until the 9 ball when the distance overcame her and she relinquished the game to Jeanette. We asked Sarah afterward how she had been able to do so well and she admitted:  “It was fun. We have a table at home and I play with my Dad and my brothers all the time.”  

Ozone Billiards brought Jeanette Lee to town in order to help showcase their new store as well as to show potential customers how entertaining the game can be. They have certainly invested in their commitment to a new retail environment for the billiards shopper. With over 18,000 square feet of showroom space they have over 650 cues on display with many more in inventory, 45 pool tables on the floor (Diamonds, Presidential Billiards and their own Ozone brand), a complete inventory of Dart supplies, complete game room furniture, dozens of Foosball tables, pool table lighting, balls, cases and every conceivable accessory item.

Among those in attendance today was Kyle Nolan of Predator and Poison by Predator. We asked him how he liked the new Ozone store: “Our team is really excited about what Ozone is doing with the retail experience. Ozone's approach is quite refreshing and the combination of selection, product education, entertainment, and the academy have really impressed us. We're thrilled that we could help bring Poison's Jeanette Lee to this terrific environment and these wonderful pool fans. We'll certainly be looking forward to more events here at Ozone's new store in the future.”

Jeanette Lee loved the crowd. ““They were great! They got into the show and really motivated me with their applause and with all of their energy. I was pretty pumped by the turnout and had an amazing time, plus I was thrilled I got to have the opportunity to show off my new Poison Black Widow Series of cues.””

The crowd in attendance were unanimous in their appreciation of both the show and the store. We asked owner Shawn Gargano what the key to his popularity was: “We cater to the players. We have folks here who can actually help you discover what you need, whether it be in a product or in your stroke. What sets us apart from others is that we are not a furniture company, we are a billiard company, and we talk pool here.”

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