Ozone Billiards to Host 2015 Artistic Pool Championships

The WPA Artistic Pool Division is pleased to announce the 2015 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship will be held at Ozone Billiards in Kennesaw, GA in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta.  Dates are August 27 - 30, 2015 and this event is open to anyone (per the invite / entry procedure documents).   
Ozone has one of the largest retail showrooms in the world (20,000+ square feet) and includes a professional billiard training / activities area with 9 foot Diamond Tables.   Special player / sport presentations and a host of other magnetic features make this unique venue special to all that visit.   The WPA APD would like to thank Ozone Billiards for inviting us to their host site and providing the amenities needed to make this event a complete success for all concerned!
9 CHAMPIONS WILL BE CROWNED (1 OVERALL + 8 DISCIPLINES) If you have any questions, please contact Mark Dimick, President, WPA Artistic Pool Division at: dimickmark@aol.com
Updates can also be found on the new WPA Artistic Pool Division website: www.wpa-apd.com   Please visit the WPA APD Facebook as well for Artistic Pool Worldwide sport updates: www.facebook.com/artisticpoolworldwide