Jentsch, Orfanidis and Tahti go for the Gold

Kynthia Orfanidis

Tuesday, March 29, 2011: The European Champions in 8-ball have been decided.

Dominic Jentsch defeated Ralf Souquet in a very one-sided final. Ralf made too many mistakes, very unusual for “The Kaiser”. Jentsch played solid during the entire match and grasped the gold medal, winning 8:1 in the final match.

In the women's division, the decision was a bit closer. Kynthia Orfanidis (NED) and Marika Poikkijoki (FIN) both played very well, with Kynthia winning 6:4 over Marika. Orfanidis had the tougher semi-final match, playing against Stadlbauer and showing her nerves. “I did not play well in the semi-final”, Kynthia said after the match, “but in the final match I was much more relaxed and did not make the mistakes I made in the round before.” “I am so happy today. This title really means a lot to me”. “I have won two bronze medals so far and the Gold Medal now makes me very proud.” “I am not satisfied now. I feel like I want more this week”, said an ambitious young athlete who is on a mission now.

In the wheelchair division, Finland's Jouni Tahti was triumphant over Kurt Deklerck 5:1.

The finals:
Ralf Souquet (GER) v Dominic Jentsch (GER) 1:8
Marika Poikkijoki (FIN) v Kynthia Orfanidis (NED) 4:6
Kurt Deklerck (BEL) v Jouni Tahti (FIN) 1:5