Jethwa Tops 2012 Lone Star Tour Finale

Andy Jethwa and Joey Barnes


The Lone Star Billiards Tour held its 2012 Tour Finale this past weekend, November 23rd-25th, at Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar in Houston, Texas. The $2,500 added event drew 74 players and was sponsored by Poison by Predator Cues, Delta-13 Rack, APA of North Harris County, and Gulf Coast Billiards. Divisions included One Pocket, Open, Amateur, Ladies, and Juniors 9-Ball.

The story of the weekend was Open division’s Andy Jethwa who defeated a slew of players including Raul Escobedo, Eric Renteria 9-3, Sonny Demetro 9-3, and professional player Rafael Martinez, 9-8. For the hot seat, he met with newly-crowned 2012 Tour Champion Brent Thomas, fresh off a concentrated win over Joey Barnes, 9-5.  Jethwa was ruthless, allowing Thomas only a handful of opportunities at the table, closing out the set, 9-0. Meanwhile, former BCA Champion Chase Rudder was clawing his way back after a 9-5 loss to Barnes in the winners’ side final 8. Jonathan Poon bested Rudder but fell to Martinez. Danny Roland lost his second round match to John Newsome, but he was undeterred. Roland won 5 consecutive matches with wins over Sonny Demetro, Sonny Bosshamer, and Karl McClendon before he was stopped cold by Barnes, joining Poon in 5th-6th. Barnes and Martinez mounted up for a T.V worthy race to 7 with dwindling stamina.  Barnes grinded it out taking down Martinez 7-4 then making quick work of Thomas, 7-1. Barnes regenerated with a bit of sustenance and a little coffee, then in true champion form, bested Jethwa 9-4. Seemingly unaffected by his loss, Jethwa moved in steady rhythm around the table and overcame Barnes the second set, 7-2. 

There were 54 players in the Amateur division and the final four winners’ side saw Raul Escobedo best Danny Roland 7-4, and Brent Thomas defeat Brian Rosenbaum, 7-1. Escobedo was on fire in the hot seat, and sent Rosenbaum west, 7-4. On the one-loss side, Victor Rojas fell to Robert Demetro, 5-4, and Sonny Bosshamer bested J.C. Torres, 5-2. Bosshamer won a total of 5 consecutive matches to meet Danny Roland who was on a roll of his own. Bosshamer bested Thomas, Roland, and Rosenbaum to meet Escobedo in the finals.   into overtime by a score of 7-4. In the final match, Escobedo seemed frustrated after a few unforced errors.  Escobedo fought for every ball but Bosshamer was steady as a rock, emotions in check. He closed out the final, 5-3. 
Rafael Martinez swept the One Pocket division with wins over Billy Sharp, George Bailey, Chase Rudder, and Joey Barnes. Barnes came back to meet Martinez, and his fate, losing 3-0.

In the Ladies 9-ball division, Ming Ng secured the hot seat over Teresa Garland 7-5 after wins over Liz Mitchel and Kalyn Gauthier.  Garland bested Loretta Lindgren in the semi-final, 5-4,but fell to Ng in the finals.

Junior player Jacob Watson from Tyler, Texas claimed an overtime victory from Houston junior player Michael Fain.

The Tour would like to thank…
David Richardson, owner of Bogies Billiards & Games, Houston, TX, Roger Schuett and the APA of North Harris, Gulf Coast Billiards, Poison by Predator Cues, , Delta-13

Don’t miss the 2012 Space City Open, December 7th-9th at Bogies Billiards.  This premier $5,000 added Houston 9-ball/One Pocket/Ladies event is sponsored by the Lone Star Tour, APA of North Harris County, and Bogies Billiards & Sports

1st Andy Jethwa $760/$780
2nd Joey Barnes $500/$520
3rd Brent Thomas $300/$310
4th Rafael Martinez $100/$100
5th-6th Danny Roland, Jonathan Poon $60
7th-8th Karl McClendon, Chase Rudder $35
9th-12th  Sonny Demetro, Kenneth Price, Will Felder, Jason Pearce
1st Sonny Bosshamer $760/$650
2nd Raul Escobedo $440/$470
3rd Brian Rosenbaum $240/$320
4th Danny Roland $130/$180
5th-6th Robert Demetro, Brent Thomas $70
7th-8th Victor Rojas, J.C. Torres $45
9th-12th Chuck Adams, Curt Bovenzi, Eric Renteria, Michael Pickering $35
One Pocket
1st Rafael Martinez $670/$504
2nd Joey Barnes $402/$336
3rd Brent Thomas $268
1st Ming Ng $200
2nd Teresa Garland $100
3rd Loretta Lindgren $ 50
1st Jacob Watson $75
2nd Michael Fain $50