Joe Blackburn Installs Black Heart Tip on His Own Cue

Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips have impressed master cue repair expert, Joe Blackburn. The billiard industry has an embarrassing amount of talented cue makers and cue repair people, but known very few who have garnered the respect of Mr. Blackburn who’s mobile workshop is always  onsite at the major North American trade shows, expo’s and national pool championships.


Asked about the quality of Black Heart Tips Joe stated "I have installed the Black Heart Tip on my personal playing cue and it is the best tip I have ever had on my cue. It does everything I need a tip to do." 


“We are extremely delighted that a renowned Cue Smith such a Joe has come to realize the quality of our products. With continued hard work and working alongside Joe, we anticipate that many other Cue Smiths and pocket billiard players will come to the same realization about our products” said Senior Product Developer, Jason Lawrence.


Revolutionary by design this is the state of the art Billiard Cue Tip. The Indoor Humidity Defensive System (I-HDS Technology) protects the Cue Tip against the environment eradicating the effect of the surrounding playing conditions making the BLACKHEART™ Tip a brilliant advancement towards perfection.


Be sure to check out Joe Blackburn’s booth and enquire about Black Heart Tips the next time you see him on the road. Alternatively, you can contact Joe direct if you need repairs or alterations to your cue. 


Contact Joe: 615-498-4437


Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips