John Morra Takes Down Stan James in Toronto

John Morra

Our final match in Toronto came down to a face-off between Danny Hewitt and John Morra. Morra came into the final undefeated, having sent his father Mario left in the ‘A' side final 9-8 after besting Tyler Edey 9-6.

Hewitt had a rougher road. He lost his first match of the day to Mario Morra 9-4 and then had to wade through the one-loss side to get to the championship round. He first cruised past Marcel Gauvreau 9-3 and then escaped Tyler Edey 9-7 only to finding himself facing Mario Morra once again. At first it appeared that history would repeat itself as Morra got to the hill first with a handsome 8-5 lead, but then Hewitt put together a four-pack to slide by Morra 9-8 and earn the right to do battle with John Morra.

The final match was a showpiece for young John Morra. The seventeen year old wonder owned the table and Hewitt never knew a lead as he fell to the youngster 11-5 in the final match.

The Stan James tournament staff wishes to give their heartfelt thanks to the sponsors who have supported this tour throughout the season. A big tip of the hat goes out to Stan James Bookmakers (, Canada Billiard and Bowling, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Billiard Balls, and Layani Cues. We look forward to the next season, beginning in the fall, and appreciate the continued support of these fine companies. It is only their participation that makes this tour possible and we appreciate their recognition of the fact that Canada's finest cueists deserve a multi-stop tour to allow the cream to rise to the top and to carry the Maple Leaf into competitions around the globe including the World 9-Ball Championship, the World 8-Ball Championship, next years inaugural World 10-Ball Championship, the World Cup of Pool, and the Canadian National Championships.

File photo courtesy of Bruce Clayton