John Newton wins Richmond All-Around title

These are the results from the City Championships of Richmond Virginia for 2003. This is an event that has had a 15 year hiatus until 2001 when the tournament was restarted. There are 3 divisions, A's, B's and C's, so the beginners (C's) will play people at their own skill level. Everyone has the option of playing 8 ball and 9 ball, ad the B's and A's have the option of playing One Pocket. The tournament is held over 2 weekends.

You have 2 types of champions. You have a division game champion (C 9ball, B 8ball, etc.) Each division champion receives a championship plate and money for their win.

Then you have the All Around City Champion. This is when the Champions from each event face off against each other in their respective divisions in a round robin of all three games. Whoever has the best record of the sets, wins the all around city championships. If there is a tie, a decision is made by the Tournament Directors/ Promoters and the game is selected that they will play.

However, if one person wins 2 of the 3 events in A or B or both in C, the winner is automatically the city champion by winning 2 events. With a win, you move up to the next layer in next years tournament. This year we had our highest number of participants and our most added money, $1850.

This money is broken up in the 8 events depending on the number of players in each event. Now, for the results of the Tournament:

9 Ball Champions:
A- John Newton
B- Steve Thurston
C- Nicholas Mitchell

8 Ball Champions:
A- "Shorty" Davis
B- Jim Warren
C- Dusty Kerby

One Pocket Champions:
A- John Newton
B- Dave Goodman

All Around City Champion:
A- John Newton by winning the 9 Ball and One Pocket
B- Jim Warren
C- Dusty Kerby

Each All Around Champion received a $50.00 bonus and their trophy was an antique 10 Ball signed by former six-time World Champion and former five-time US Open Champion Earl Strickland.

The event was held at The Playing Field in Richmond, VA.

Submitted by Joshua Dickerson
Tournament Director and Promoter