Jose Garcia wins Blaze Stop 2

Jose Garcia and Ernie Arcaro

The Blaze Nine-Ball Tour had it's second stop in it's 2006 season on Sunday, February 19, 2006, at Atlantic City Billiards Club. A great turn out of forty-five players made their way out to Atlantic City to compete in the tournament. Special thanks to Ernie Arcaro and staff for their wonderful work and effort in making this a great stop for the tour. Leading the way on the top half of the winner's side bracket was KC Wagman with wins over Sharon O'hanlon, Larry Ingram, Brett Stottlemyer, and Ryan McCreesh. Wagman had an effortless win over O'hanlon with a score of 7-0. Another easy win came when going against Ingram, with Wagman winning 7-1. Stottlemyer was a better match against Wagman, But still lost by three with a final score of 7-4. Ryan McCreesh put up more of a fight, but Wagman still came out the winner with a score 7-5.

Leading the way on the bottle half of the bracket was Jose Garcia with wins over Mike Del Vecchio, Sam Quinzi, Trenton Marty Ciccia, and Joseph Testa. Mike Del Vecchio lost the match with Jose Garcia putting on a show with a score of 7-1, Sam Quinzi wasn't too far ahead of Del Vecchio and lost his match 7-3. Trenton Marty put up a good match, but Garcia came out the winner 7-5. Joseph Testa put up a good fight taking Garcia to the hill but Garcia pulled it out by running out the last two racks an a 7-6 win.

Fighting for the hot seat was Jose Garcia vs KC Wagman. In a match that went bak and forth from the start saw Jose Garcia winning 7-5 and getting the hot seat and sending KC Wagman to the one lost side. Making his way through the one lost side was Ryan McCreesh with wins over Eddie Abraham, Joseph Testa, KC Wagman. McCreesh beat Eddie Abraham and KC Wagman with ease with finals scores of 6-2 and 6-3. Joseph Testa gave McCreesh a run for his money but eventually lost on the hill 6-5, sending Ryan McCreesh to face Jose Garcia in the Finals.

In the finals it was a one-way match between Jose Garcia and Ryan McCreesh, Jose Garcia ran away with the match from the very beginning winning easliy with a score of 9-3.

Complete Results:
1st Jose Garcia $800
2nd Ryan McCreesh $500
3rd KC Wagman $400
4th Joseph Testa $325
5th/6th Eddie Abraham, Carmen Lombardo $225
7th/8th Brett Stottlemyer, Billy Kirshner $150
9th/12th Bill Smith Jr., Brian Butler, Trenton Marty Ciccia, Frank Fattoni $100