JOY Chinese Pool U.S Open Enters Final Stage

The Joy Chinese Pool US Open has advanced from it’s qualifying stage to the final double elimination 32 player bracket. The qualifying stage attracted a number of American Pro Players, Chinese Pro Players and local Los Angeles Chinese players. Notable players advancing to the final stage of the event included Gareth Potts, Shane Van Boening, Corey Deuel, Liu Wei, Li Hewen and Shi Hanqing.
Hosted by China's high-end billiards company, Joy Billiards Promotion Co., Ltd., this event is an important international event in the global system of the Joy Cup Chinese Pool Masters which is considered to be the world's largest professional pool league, successfully held in 54 countries, the prize money reached 1 million yuan (about 145,000 US dollars).
In 2016, Joy Chinese pool began global promotion of their events. In the same year, it entered the US market and participated in the BCA Pool League National Championship in Las Vegas for two consecutive years. Contemporary American pool leader Shane Van Boening is a signed player of Joy Chinese pool. On a global scale, Stephen Hendry, the greatest player in the history of snooker, is the spokesperson for Joy Chinese pool.
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