Joyner and Sambajon suffer early Hard Times exits

Buddy Hall

As day two at the Hard Times Summer Jamboree winds down, the story of the day was the early elimination of two tournaments favorites.

Cliff Joyner got beat on the winners side by Dan Wallace in a brilliantly played match by Dan. Cliff then took an early exit provided by Northern California's Todd Marsh. Joyner lasted longer than former event winner Santos Sambajon, who followed up Tuesday's loss to Buddy Hall with a loss to Ed Ames on Wednesday.

Another great match was Buddy Hall over Tony Chohan late Wednesday night. The match lasted less than 30 minutes and went hill-hill. Each player won their matches by running 8 and out. No mistakes, just "balls to the wall" great offensive playing by both.

The winners side is now down to four players with Thursday matches set for Mark Haddad vs Dan Wallace and Ronnie Allen vs Jose Parica.

Online brackets are updated with all but one of Wednesdays winners.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe