Kelly Fisher Becomes Spider Player Rep

Kelly Fisher

PrimeQuest, Inc. proudly announces the adding of Kelly Fisher, who joins Jeanette Lee (The Black Widow), of the Women's Professional Billiard Association as a player representative of the billiard training device – “THE SPIDER”.

Kelly Fisher, known as “Kwik Fire” because of her fast pace of play and deadly accuracy, has won multiple titles on the WPBA tour and is currently ranked #3.

The partnership of Fisher and PQI which names her as the representative to the United Kingdom (her home) will allow for the future marketing of The Spider (which currently uses the American size balls– 2 ¼”) as well as a future version of The Spider for English Eight Ball (which uses slightly smaller sized balls).

Tony Davis, CEO of PQI, indicates “PQI could not have a better UK representative as Kelly is the fastest moving player on tour both in her shooting (potting) style and on the tour rankings.”

Please welcome Kelly Fisher to the staff of PrimeQuest, Inc. providers of “THE SPIDER”.