Kelly Fisher Wins Maryland State Title

Tiffany Nelson, Kelly Fisher and Val Finnie

It took Kelly Fisher all of 30 minutes to send defending Maryland State Champion Tiffany Nelson to the left side of the chart to win the hot seat, 7-1. Then it took Kelly only 40 minutes to unseat Tiffany permanently to take claim to the title in the finals with a 7-2 score.

Bill and Billies CuesPort held the Maryland State 9-ball Championships on July 15th and 16th for the second year in a row with the J. Pechauer NorthEast Women's Tour. Room Owner Kurt Ziem generously added $1500 to the prize fund, as well as a US Open Qualifier to be awarded to the highest finishing Semi-Pro player in the field that was open to the WPBA Touring Pros.

And the Touring Pros came. Kelly Fisher and Tiffany Nelson drove up from North Carolina with Val Finnie, and Sueyen Rhee drove in from Virginia.

On her way to the hot seat, Kelly posted wins over JPNEWT newcomer Cheryl Squire 7-1, JPNEWT POY Caroline Pao 7-2, and fellow Touring Pros Sueyen Rhee 7-1, and Tiffany Nelson 7-1.

Tiffany Nelson posted her wins over Val Finnie 7-3, Pam Treadway 7-6, and Ellen Yu 7-5 before losing to Kelly for the hot seat.

Then Tiffany faced Val Finnie who had come back from her first round loss with wins over Morgan Steinman 7-6, Kim Sudler 7-5, Caroline Pao 7-4, Ellen Yu 7-4, and Sueyen Rhee 7-5. Tiffany froze Val in her seat with a 7-0 score to rematch with Kelly Fisher. Val won the US Open Qualifier with her 3rd place finish and fine performance.

JPNEWT thanks Bill and Billies CueSports' Room Owner Kurt Ziem and his gracious staff for a fantastic event. We also thank Pechauer Custom Cues and Inside Pool for their continued sponsorship.

JPNEWT's next event is the New Jersey State 9-ball Championships at Prime Time Billiards in South Amboy. The event date is September 16th and 17th and is currently scheduled as $3000 added, including a US Open Qualifier. This event is also open to all WPBA Touring Pros.

Complete Results:
1st + $700 - Kelly Fisher
2nd + $550 - Tiffany Nelson
3rd + $400 - Val Finnie (plus US Open Qualifier)
4th + $300 - Sueyen Rhee
5th/6th + $200 - Ellen Yu, Pam Treadway
7th/8th + $100 - Caroline Pao, Annette Carroll