Kim Shaw Takes JPNEWT Opener

Romana Dokovic, Kelly Fisher, Adam Seltzer (room owner), Kim Shaw, and Tiffany Nelson

The first JPNEWT event of the year featured a first time match up of 6-time World Snooker Champion Kelly Fisher and Kim Shaw on American soil at Prime Time Sports Bar and Café in Sayreville, NJ.

Kelly Fisher has officially arrived to American pool and posted wins over Sueyen Rhee, Stacey Lantz, Sabrina Sasaki and Romana Dokovic before sending Kim Shaw to the 1-loss side to win the hot seat.

Kim Shaw posted wins over Pam Ogarek, Diane Policastro, Carol Clark, and Tiffany Nelson before losing to Kelly. Kim then bested fellow Touring Pro Romana Dokovic to match up with Kelly again in the finals.

In the finals Kelly kept up with Kim, but a jawed 9-ball with the score tied 3-3 let Kim go ahead to 6-3 before Kelly could answer with another game. With the score 6-5 another unforced error by Kelly let Kim post a 2 game lead. Kelly would manage one more game but it was Kim that reached 9 first to take the match. Without any doubt, when Kelly learns the strategies and nuances of 9-ball, she will be a force to be reckoned with.

JPNEWT thanks owners Kevin and Adam of Prime Time Billiards for their hospitality. We also thank room manager Tiffany Nelson for coordinating this event. And we wish to thank Pechauer Custom Cues, Inside Pool, and the Billiards Workbook for their support and sponsorship of this tour.

Final Results:

1st - $625 - Kim Shaw
2nd - $455 + Qualifier - Kelly Fisher
3rd - $330 - Romana Dokovic
4th - $200 - Tiffany Nelson
5/6th - $100 - Sueyen Rhee, Morgan Steinman
7/8th - $50 - Carol Clark, Val Finnie