Ken Depetro/Darryll Larson Team Up for NACPT Win and Lupe Rosas Plays Superior 9-Ball

The fourth stop of the Native American Casino Pool Tour kicked off November 7th-9th at the LCO Casino in Hayward, Wisconsin.  All in all, a great contingent of players turned out for the annual event.  

Friday evening ended up seeing a full board of sixty-four players hit the tables, all vying for the $700 added win.  It would be Lupe Rosas (rated a nine) that would hang on to eventually take the top spot of the sixty-four player turnout in the Friday night nine-ball event over a strong shooting Don Murray (rated a six).

While in the partner's event, forty-nine teams (by the way, the largest thus far at this venue) played down to the final two teams, in what ended up being quite an exciting finish.  A “double dip” almost took place with the two remaining teams, Seelen's Home Improvement (with Darryll Larson and Ken Depetro) and Ball Bangers (with Jonathon Dahl and Travis Smith).  Seelen's Home Improvement would hold on to defeat the Ball Bangers in the end.  Congratulations to both teams for having such a great finish (Dahl has played this venue for the two prior years without cashing, so this was quite a treat).  Smith was entered for the first time and their play caused their point total to be raised twice during the event.  Great going guys!

DR POOL and LCO Casino would like to thank everyone for their participation and look forward to next November's stop to see everyone again.

For those of you that have not been keeping up, big things are happening with this tour.  Take a read here and here and get in the game!

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Results (Friday Night 9-Ball):
1st Lupe Rosas $360
2nd Don Murray $280
3rd/4th Dean Pauliot/Jeff Schellin $220
5th/8th Mike Mellom/Marcus Aleman/Les Olson/Jeremy Sipes $125
9th-16th John Carl/Dennis Graves/Rich Rabuck/Bill Sorenson/Ben St. John/John Taylor/Ken Tepp/Dallas Williams $50

Results (Partners):
1st Seelen's Home Improvement (Ken Depetro/Darryll Larson) $1100
2nd Ball Bangers (Jonathon Dahl/Travis Adams) $900
3rd South of the Border (Lupe Rosas/Dean Pauliot) $700
4th One Chick Two Sticks (Ryan Pearson/Cindy Ruland) $500
5th/6th Becson 89 (Sonny Frappier/Becky Frappier) and R&R Shooters (Rich Rabuck/Dave Ruland) $350
7th/8th Aces (William Lapointe/Harold Gruhn) and O'Herons (Joe O'Heron/Connie O'Heron) $250
9th-12th It's Pool time (Kerry Sorensen/Chris Frosaker)/Klemans (Don Kleman/Jeremy Kleman)/OO's (Roy Skenadore/Larry Skenadore)/Pool Dawgs (Les Olson/Lonnie Carrier) $150