Kephart shows his heart in San Antonio

Scott Kephart and Erman Bullard

Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9 Ball Tour resumed June 11-12th at Fast Eddie's Embassy location in San Antonio with 90 players in two divisions. The action was fast and unpredictable which only adds to the excitement.

Top picks were David Gutierrez, Sylver Ochoa, Javier Franco, James Davis Sr., John 'Little John' Macias, Jui Lung Chen and Erman Bullard.

Finishing in the 13-16th placements were Robert Newkirk, Sylver Ochoa, Tito Fernandez and Robert Almaraz. These gentlemen play well and consistently finish in the money.

Cashing the 9-12th positions were Jui Lung Chen, Charlie Mora, Ismael Ramirez and Jason Pearce.

Manny Guerra and James Davis Sr. played solid but were forced to take an early exit and settle for the 7-8th spots.

5-6th positions belonged to San Antonio's Destry Ensley and 'Little' John Macias of Hattiesburg, Miss. Both played methodically and quietly and ended with a very respectable paycheck.

Javier Franco is always a top pick and is subject to win anything he enters. This weekend he had to settle for 4th place and started with wins over Chuck Adams, Ron Sjolander and Little John before stumbling over Erman Bullard. With one loss, Javier handled Jason Pearce, Manny Guerra and Destry Ensley. He was then forced to settle for fourth with his second loss to Kenny Greer.

Kenny Greer came to play and finished a fine third place. Kenny began with victories over Candy Ramos, Marin Salinas, Bill Fuller and Manny Guerra before being sent to the left side by Erman Bullard. On the one loss side, he dismissed Little John only to run into Erman again. Kenny is improving and playing more consistent with each outing.

The battle for the winner's bracket paired Erman Bullard of Fort Worth against San Antonio's Scott 'Bumpshape' Kephart. Erman led 8-6, but Scott battled back and won 9-8 capturing the hot seat.

Erman handled Kenny Greer in the finals of the one loss side to face Scott in the finals.

In the finals, Erman jumped out to a 4-0 lead only to see Scott tie the score at 4-4. The players exchanged games to 6-6, when Scott jumped to 8-6. Erman fought back to 8-8 only to have Scott cinch the last game for the victory. Scott played very well and was very excited about his win. Congratulations to Erman for a fine showing.

A gigantic thanks to Olhausen Billiards, Schuler Legacy Cues and Fast Eddie's for all the great support!

Ron Geyer with The Custom Cue Connection, Jack with Mystick Cues, Tino with Teodora's Mini- Tacos and Jeff Riedel, thanks for everything you've done! Without y'all, it just doesn't happen! A big thanks to Summer Bowen (GM), Danny and your staff for hosting a great event! Keep practicing and knock the backs out of those pockets. See y'all next month in Austin on July 16-17!

Complete Results:
1st Scott Kephart $2600
2nd Erman Bullard $1850
3rd Kenny Greer $1280
4th Javier Franco $850
5-6th Destry Ensley, John Macias $535
7-8th James Davis Sr., Manny Guerra $360
9-12th Jui Lung Chen, Charlie Mora, Ismael Ramirez, Jason Pearce $120
13-16th Robert Newkirk, Sylver Ochoa, Tito Fernandez, Robert Almaraz $75