KIA Motors Becomes Pool’s First Modern Car Sponsor

Seoul, Korea- KIA Motors has signed on as the title sponsor of four televised events produced by billiard promotions giant Dragon Promotions. KIA will be title sponsoring Masters of the Trickshot, Showdown in Seoul, and the 4th Annual Korea International Championships,

"I believe this marks the first time in pocket billiards history that a major automobile manufacturer has been involved as a title sponsor. It's a great achievement for not only DP, but for the billiards community in that we have shown that our sport is a viable medium for major advertisers." said Dragon Promotions President Cindy Lee.

KIA is Korea's oldest car company founded in 1944 and in 1998 was acquired by Hyundai Motor Company. Today KIA has expanded into the US with their $1 billion plant in Georgia with KIA Motors America and also KIA Motors Europe based in Germany. KIA is one of Europe's fastest growing car companies and is one of the most improved brands in the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study.

KIA Motors Showdown in Seoul will consist of two matches first with Semih Sayginer taking on Mike Massey. The King of Carom Magic against the World's Greatest Artistic Pool Champion, in a contest of 9-Ball, 3-cushion, and trickshots. Then female fury in Korea versus Japan with #1 Yu Ram Cha against Miyuki Sakai. The two Asian beauties will battle in 9-Ball, 3-cushion, and 8-Ball. KIA Motors Masters of the Trickshot will feature the first time ever a trickshot pool team playing against a trickshot carom team, led by captains Mike Massey and Semih Sayginer.

The finale of the star studded pool week will end with the 4th Annual KIA Motors Korea International Championships which will feature players from USA, Europe and Asia vying for the title and prize money in the 9-Ball tournament.

DP will also be hosting a special cocktail party at the W Hotel, Korea's most elite and glamourous hotel. The cocktail party will be a powerhouse of corporate leaders including the CEO of KIA Motors, Gucci Korea, Coca Cola, MBC ESPN, SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System), CYON (Mobile phones), and KT&G (Korea's Largest Tobacco manufacturuer). In all, over 50 companies with a special interest in billiards will be in attendance and entertained by pool's brightest stars including Jeanette Lee, Mika Immonen, Thorsten Hohmann, Yu Ram Cha, Shanelle Loraine, and Charlie Williams.

"This is very exciting for us and our partnership with Dragon Promotions. Bringing KIA & the Hyundai Group on board with billiards is very encouraging to the network and bringing other top sponsors on board." said CJ Media rep Jimmy Go. CJ Media heads 11 TV networks and is a division of Samsung.

Dragon Promotions has proven to be highly successful in involving large corporate sponsors in and outside the billiard industry. Some of DP's track record highlights include CJ Media(Division of Samsung, the $90 billion giant ranked 46th Fortune Global 500), The Hyundai Group ($60 billion ranked 76th Fortune Global 500), and Lotte Group ($26 billion specializing in hotel,food,department stores).

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