Kim Jones Victorious In Tigard

Even though it was only a field of 15, this was an important event to many players to obtain points. The players also chose to play a race to 9. With the year end prize just a month away and a lot at stake, play was just as exciting as it has been all year.

To start the tournament off, Joanne Ashton (current #1 player on the tour) and Mary Hopkin (2nd place player on the tour) played each other right out of the gate. With only 100 point difference, this was a crucial match for both.

Joanne, however won that match in a hill-hill match 9-8 and continued to dominate the remainder of the tournament, gaining the right to play in the finals by also beating Marion Morales 9-1, Julie Valdez 9-4 and Kim Jones for the point, 9-7.

Kim Jones made her way to the finals by beating Liz Cole 9-8, Tamre Rogers 9-3, Martha Hartsell 9-7 then losing to Joanne Ashton 9-7. Moving to the losers side, she then beat Liz Cole again 9-5 to play Kim in the finals.

Joanne took a quick lead 7-3, but Kim came back and before you knew it, it was 8-7. With Joanne on the hill, what we thought was the last game, Joanne ran down to the nine, leaving herself a fairly easy shot. But, she missed and kim tied up the match.

Joanne broke, scratched and Kim made a difficult 1-9 combo to win her first ever NWPA event. Congratulations Kim!

The NWPA would like to thank Kevin and Shannon Parr for hosting the event. As always, it was a pleasure.

Please join us for our next event which has been converted to a Qualifier at Uncle Jack's in Lynnwood, Washington on October 21-22, 2006.

NOTE: The NWPA would like to apologize as our article for July's tournament incorrectly stated the Sponsor of that event. The correct sponsor was

Final Results:
1st Kim Jones $385
2nd Joanne Ashton $230
3rd Liz Cole $160
4th Mary Hopkin $75