Things Heat Up For Latest Nwpa Tourney

Thank God for air conditioning, because it was 108 degrees in Spokane for the 4th tour stop of the NWPA. Our host was McQ's Billiards and they keep their pool room a comfortable, cool temperature. This tournament, as is the next, was a WPBA Qualifier, sponsored by "THE BREAK", and brought players from all over the Northwest.

The current battle for point leader is so close that is seems every match is important and by the end of the tournament, it was even closer. It seems the next stop at the Parlor in Bellevue, WA, will have a lot of "over the shoulder" score keeping.

This tournament however, had enough drama of its own. It was Mary Hopkin beating Mikki Small 7-2 and Tamre' Rogers beating Kim Hole 7-2 to reach Sunday's play from the B side. In a grinding match, that the score didn't indicate, Tamre' got to move on winning 7-2. For the point, Shari Ross faced Joanne Ashton and while Shari struggled to find her stroke, Joanne excelled, shutting Shari out 7-0. In the B side finals, Shari refocused and jumped out to a quick lead. Tamre' closed the gap, but it was too late and lost 7-4.

The rematch of Shari and Joanne was one of the best matches in over a year and the great crowd of spectators, which had dutifully watched for really the entire weekend, was well rewarded.

It started with Shari, having found her stroke, jumping ahead 5-0 in a race to 9. But through smarts and sweat, Joanne closed to 5-4. Shari took a 5 minute break, but Joanne didn't flinch and tied it up 5-5. Shari ran the next rack, Joanne rattled a nine, and then fouled and suddenly it was 8-6 to Shari. Joanne ran the next rack and after Shari miscued on the break, Joanne got her on the 3 foul rule with some great safety playing bringing the score to 8-8. Joanne broke, ran to the 7 and played safe. Shari's jump shot missed by a fraction of an inch and Joanne then ran to win the tournament 9-8, securing a paid entry to a 2007 WPBA event. Congrats to both players for an amazing match.

Once again Ford and I would like to thank McQ's and staff, our qualifying sponsor "THE BREAK" and all the spectators and players for their support and laughs. We will see you at The Parlor in Bellevue, WA on August 19th and 20th. Be sure to visit our website, for deadlines, rules and regulations and any other additional information.

1st Joanne Ashton $400 + 2007 WPBA Spot
2nd Shari Ross $240
3rd Tamre' Rogers $165
4th Mary Hopkin $80


1st Linda Dick
2nd Toni Sakamoto