Kim White Wins in “Hometown” Houston

Kim White

Fifteen ladies ventured forth to do battle with the sticks and stones at the first Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9 Ball Tour Sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues event at the new Fast Eddie's on FM1960 West in Houston, Tx. on Sunday, January 9.

Anne Mayes of AO Custom Cues donated one of her original beautiful cues to raffled for the add on for the Ladies event.

There was plenty of talent to go around. The top picks were Kim White, Amanda Lampert, Kim Pierce, Anne Mayes and Audra Carter. Nice to see the hometown girls (Trish, Rebecca, Sherry, Sara, Belinda, Tasha and Helen) show up, along with Elvie, Diana, and Michelle.

Audra Carter of San Antonio vaulted into the 4th place position with a triumph over Belinda Lee, only to meet Kim White in the second round. Audra jumped to the left side of the chart, where she went to work with wins over Diana Cardona, Michelle Cortez and Trish Moses, when Anne Mayes ousted her, 5-3. Good to see you playing so well, girl!

Anne Mayes, ex touring pro and Cuemaker extraordaire, started her run for the dough with wins over Diana Cardona, Sara McDonald, and Trish Moses. She, then, met a very determined Kim White for the hot seat of the winner's bracket. Kim came out on top with a score of 7-3. Anne played Audra and was finally sent to the gallery by Amanda Lampert in the finals of the one loss side. A great showing for Anne since she's been making a lot of sawdust in her shop instead of playing at the table of late!

Amanda Lampert of San Antonio, winner of five events last year, started with victories over Sherry Smith and Michelle Cortez, when she got her first loss at the hands of Kim White, 7-3. Once in the brutal bracket, she defeated Rebecca Goodnight, her good friend and road dawg, Audra Carter, and Anne Mayes to meet up with Kim White, once again, in the finals.

Kim White of Houston played surprising well after having extensive surgery on her bridge hand after her dog tried to make a happy meal out of it. Kim cruised to the hot seat with wins over Helen Hayes, Audra, Amanda and Anne. With Amanda coming off the left side, it was going to be an interesting final match.

With Amanda off her normal pace a little and Kim not showing any weakness due to her injured hand, the final match went in Kim's favor to the score of 7-3. Congratulations to both you fine ladies!

Thanks to Fast Eddie's Billiards, Olhausen Billiards and Schuler Legacy Cues for sponsoring a great event. Tabitha, Curtis, and your staff were unbelievable again in hosting the event. Again, thanks to Bubba and Schonne of Cue Sales and Service, Jack and Elvie of Mystick Cues, Ron Geyer of The Custom Cue Connection, Tino of Teodora's Mini-Tacos, Anne Mayes of AO Custom Cues, Rob of ASP Consultants and, and The Billiard Factory of San Antonio for supporting the Tour.

We'll be looking for you next month on February 4-6th at the Fast Eddie's Billiards on N. W. Military in San Antonio. We'll have exciting news on the Player of the Year awards. Visit us and stay updated about the Tour at our new website,

Complete Results:
1st Kim White $520
2nd Amanda Lampert $320
3rd Anne Mayes $200
4th Audra Carter $120

Photo courtesy of WPBA