Amanda Lampert Wins Back To Back Events

Amanda Lampert And Kim Pierce

Amanda Lampert of San Antonio won the Fast Eddie's Tour Ladies Division last month's stop in San Antonio. Apparently, that wasn't enough. She did it again this time in Houston! WOW, two in a row!

With lots of new faces in attendance, eighteen ladies picked up their cues and stepped up to do battle in the Astro city on April 14 at the third Fast Eddie's Tour stop of the year.

Anne Mayes, cuemaker extraordinaire of Annie “O” custom Cues of Houston was gracious in donating a beautiful custom cue to be raffled with the proceeds going to the ladies add on. Our best wishes on Anne fully recovering from her recent eye surgery.

Top picks were Amanda Lampert, Audra Carter, Kim Pierce, Anne Mayes and Jennifer Kraber.

Newcomer Alicia Teskey of Dallas and Sara McDonald of Houston played well and finished in the 5-6th positions.

Belinda Lee of Houston made an excellent showing finishing in the fourth placement with this being her first major tournament event.

Audra Carter of San Antonio missed last month's event due to a broken wrist. Out of the cast and getting her stroke back, Audra popped up in the third place slot with victories over Brandi Plavlicek, Kim Pierce and Sara McDonald when she ran into Amanda Lampert in the finals of the winner's bracket where she lost 7-3. In the finals of the one loss side, Audra met up again with Kim Pierce and was defeated 5-2. When that wrist fully heals, watch out, ladies!

Nice to see Kim Pierce of Austin back in the big money with her second place finish. After a first round triumph over Belinda Lee, Kim was sent to the left side by Audra Carter, 7-6, where she dug in with victories over Natalie Esparza, Jennifer Kraber, Alicia Teskey, Belinda Lee and, again, Audra Carter to meet up with Amanda in the finals.

Amanda Lampert, former BCA Ladies Singles Champion and eleven time San Antonio BALSA City Ladies Team Champion, cruised to her second Tour victory in a row with wins over Tasha Salandnan, Gail Ferrell-Roles, Alicia Teskey and Audra Carter to jump into the hot seat of the winner's bracket.

The finals was all Amanda as she defeated Kim, 7-3. What's next, Amanda? Maybe, the ladies pro tour! Congratulations to all the ladies for coming out and supporting the Tour!

A special thanks to Adam and his staff for hosting a great event! See you all next month in San Antonio. Note the dates have changed to April 16-18.

Complete Payouts:
1st Amanda Lampert $680
2nd Kim Pierce $490
3rd Audra Carter $330
4th Belinda Lee $160
5th/6th Sara McDonald, Alicia Teskey $40