Amanda Lampert Wins Her Sixth Event

Amanda Lampert and Helen Hayes

Fast Eddie's World Class Billiards in Beaumont, TX., played host to the ladies division of The Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9 Ball Tour sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues.

The field yielded fifteen smiling travelers in all. But, don't let the smiles fool you; they were ready to do battle.

Top picks were Amanda Lampert, Anne Mayes, Belinda Lee, Kim Pierce and Cristina De La Garza.

Rebecca Goodnight plays very hard and in doing so, captured 4th place honors. Rebecca scored wins over Chelsea Dean but was then handed a loss by Tasha Salandanan. Once on the left side, she handled Melissa Andrade, Anne Mayes and Michelle Abernathy. In her next match, Belinda Lee proved a little too much. Rebecca collected a nice 4th place finish.

Belinda Lee of Houston is a fiery competitor. She began with an opening round victory over Anne Mayes, 7-6, and was sent quickly to the left side by Amanda Lampert, 7-2. The ever so congenial Belinda rebounded with wins over Cristina De La Garza, Tasha, and Rebecca. This forced a rematch with Amanda but Amanda was no bargain and she forced Belinda to settle for third place, 5-3. No telling what Belinda would do if she actually got to practice her game.

Amanda Lampert is a force on the Tour with five previous Tour championships. This day, she bested Debbie Sharp, Belinda, and Michelle Abernathy and faced Helen Hayes for the hot seat. Helen had her own ideas and sent Amanda easterly by a score of 7-5.

Helen Hayes is a very nice lady from College Station and loves the game. She is fairly new to the Tour and a very nice addition. Her trek began with wins over Cristina, Kim, Tasha and Amanda to capture the winner's bracket.

The stage was set in the finals with Amanda having to win two consecutive races to seven to prevail.

Amanda won the first set 7-3, forcing the second set. In the second set, Helen led 5-3 when Amanda won four straight games, the tournament and her sixth Tour victory. Helen fought valiantly and will be heard from again.

Thanks to Anne Mayes of AO Custom Cues of Houston for sponsoring the ladies division by donating a gorgeous cue to be raffled for the ladies division add on.

Thanks to Todd (GM-Beaumont) and his crew for hosting a great event

Complete Payouts:
1st Amanda Lampert $490
2nd Helen Hayes $315
3rd Belinda Lee $210
4th Rebecca Goodnight $125