King of Pool 9-Ball Championship filling up fast

The Inaugural KING of POOL 9-Ball Championships is taking place in Bedford, N.S., August 4-5, 2007. This is a maximum 32 Player event this year and there are about 10 spots left for anyone interested. Entry fee is $320 and will be accepted (cash only) the morning of August 4th. Based on 32 Players, payouts are as follows:

1st- $4000
2nd- $2000
3rd/4th- $1000
5th/8th- $560
TOTAL- $10240

Saturday August 4th is an 8 bracket round robin starting at 10am. Sunday will be the quarters, semis and finals, and will be recorded for DVD. Eastlink Television has confirmed that they will be showing up on Sunday, August 5th, to cover the story.

Complete event information can be found here:

All interested players should contact