King of Pool 9-Ball Championships Crown Dale Young

The King of Pool was declared from a battle of two "Young" men at Brewsters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada the weekend of August 4-5, 2007. It was a battle reminiscent of a medieval joust, eight of the finest cueists in the land, each paying $320 for their chance at the King of Pool 9-Ball Championship crown including Bruce Lilly, Brian White, T.J. Martin, Bernard Al-Chaar, Jason Ross, Dave Boone, Richard "Buddy" Young, and Dale Young.

To begin, there was an eight player round robin that seeded players into a single elimination format. After all players competed against each other, the following were the placings after the round robin:

1st- Bernard Al-Chaar
2nd- Bruce Lilly
3rd- Dave Boone
4th- Brian White
5th- Dale Young
6th- TJ Martin
7th- Richard "Buddy" Young
8th- Jason Ross

From here, you would never guess that the seeding helped the players much at all when it came down to the quarter-finals. In particular, Jason Ross (the event's MC and clad in the King's crown and robe half the time) upset number one seed Bernard Al-Chaar 9-7. Bruce Lilly, number two seed, lost a world championship caliber hill-hill match (shooting-percentage wise) to Richard "Buddy" Young. Dave Boone, multiple time provincial and regional champion, quickly defeated TJ Martin 9-2. At the same time, number five seed Dale Young, caught fire and cruised through two matches 9-2 over Brian White, and 9-3 over Jason Ross in the semi-finals.

In the other semi-final match, Richard "Buddy" Young maintained his strength and was triumphant over Dave Boone 9-5. This meant that the two "Young" men faced off in the first King of Pool 9-Ball Championship title. Allowing a total of only five games to Buddy's thirteen in the previous two matches, Dale Young kept the momentum going strong and with a decisive 11-4 victory, became the world's first official King of Pool 9-Ball Championship title holder and claims the $1200 first place prize.