Kirkwood is Hot and Heavy in Beaumont

Jason Kirkwood, Rich Beth and Jeremy Jones

The action was like the weather in Beaumont, Texas on June 20-22, 2003 for the fifth stop on the Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour - Hot and Heavy.

Top picks of the field were Jeremy Jones of Houston, the current fifth ranked player in the world, followed by Jason Kirkwood of Michigan and Danny Medina of Denver, former world champion. With this kind of talent, it was anyone's guess who would reign supreme on the green rectangle.

Javier Franco of Houston and Robert Newkirk of Dallas - Fort Worth ended up in a respectable 7-8th place.

Juan Garcia of Michigan and the Valley started his ride with wins over J. P. Martinez, 9-5, Bob Macferren, 9-2, Ryan Walton, 9-8, to lose to Jeremy Jones in the semis, 9-7. Juan was upset by David Henson of Austin, 7-3, to end his run in a favorable 5-6th finish.

Danny Medina started off with wins over Bill Fuller, 9-3, Chase Rudder, 9-2, Gilbert Martinez, 9-7, to match up with Jeremy Jones in the quarter finals. Jeremy took an early 5-2 lead with his break working smashingly well, only for Danny to tie it up at 6-6. They traded games to tie it at 8-8. Jeremy broke the final game and left Danny no shot at the one with virtually no where to roll out. Danny made a valiant kick but left Jeremy a shot and the out. Jeremy won 9-8

Relinquished to the brutal bracket, Danny had victories over J. P. Martinez, 7-5, Javier Franco, 7-4. Danny's run for the title was ended by Tommy Milburn, 7-3 for a 5-6th placement. Tommy "California Dreaming" Milburn of Houston had his best tournament so far with triumphs over Matt Wilson, 9-4, Steve Lenz, 9-8, Robert Newkirk, 9-6, and was sent kicking to the one loss side by Jason Kirkwood . Tommy slugged it out with Danny Medina, 7-3, only to be overcome by David Henson in a tight match, 7-6, to finish in the fourth place position.

David "Chalk is Free" Henson of Pflugerville continues to improve at each event. He took the long road after a first round loss to James Davis Jr., 9-7. In the pressure cooker of the one loss side, David sent T. J. Davis by forfeit, Matt Wilson, 7-1, Bob Macferren, 7-0, Bill Fuller, 7-3, Lanny Herrin, 7-4, Robert Newkirk, 7-0, Juan Garcia, 7-3, and Tommy Milburn, 7-6, to the spectator gallery before being vanquished by Jeremy Jones in a nail biter, 7-6.

Jeremy Jones looked unstoppable in his quest for another win on the Tour with conquests over Corey Dordek, 9-5, James Davis Jr., 9-1, Danny Medina, 9-8, Juan Garcia, 9-7. Jeremy's quest was derailed by Jason Kirkwood in the finals of the winner's side with a score of 9-7. Jeremy defeated David Henson for the finals of the one lose side, 7-6.

Jason Kirkwood showed his knowledge and execution of the game by dismissing Rigo Pena 9-5, Sylver Ochoa, 9-1, Javier Franco, 9-3, Lanny Herrin 9-1, Tommy Milburn 9-0, and Jeremy Jones, 9-7, to become king of the hill.

This set the stage for a great final match between Jason Kirkood and Jeremy Jones. Jason led the match until Jeremy came within one game at 8-7. In the final game Jeremy missed the six ball, only for Jason to run out for his first Tour victory.

A Big Thanks goes out to Mark "Big Lew" Lewis, Rich Beth and his crew at Fast Eddie's, the Tour sponsors and the players. You are the ones that make it happen!

Total Payout
1st Jason Kirkwood $2225
2nd Jeremy Jones $1595
3rd David Henson $1125
4th Tommy Milburn $675
5th/6th Danny Medina, Juan Garcia $300
7th/8th Robert Newkirk, Javier Franco $75

The Ladies Division was won by Anne Mayes of Houston, cuemaker supreme of Annie "O" Cues, over Kim Pierce of Bastrop, 7-5.

1st Anne Mayes $150
2nd Kim Pierce $100