Klatt and Frideres Crowned 2013 USBTC 8-Ball Champions


The 20th US Bar Table Championships final divisions concluded Sunday, March 3rd at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada. Jason Klatt from Canada and Jessica Frideres from Iowa fended off their respective and highly competitive fields to be crowned the champions in the USBTC men’s and women’s 8-ball divisions.

The 2013 USBTC proved to be all about diversity as no one player dominated the entire week. Heading into the final three days and switching from 9-ball to 8-ball, thus far the men had seen Dennis Orcollo from the Philippines take the men’s 10-ball event and Shane Van Boening from the US  rip through to win the 9-ball event. In the women’s side, Canadian Brittany Bryant claimed first in the 10-ball and Rebecca Wagner from the US won the 9-ball event. 

In the hotly contested men’s 8-ball group which was a race to 5 and double elimination, every break, safety and roll counts. With 205 players vying for a chunk of that divisions $20,800 prize fund and a board swarming with current and former national and world champions, who would come out on the final board was anyone’s guess. 

Long time Canadian professional Jason Klatt was in dead stoke during the men’s 8-ball event mowing down his opponents with relative ease. Second place finisher was well known multiple straight pool champion Thorsten Hohmann. Rounding out the top 4 places were Francisco Bustamante in 3rd place and Ernesto Dominguez in 4th. 

There were 55 players in the Women’s 8-Ball Division – the largest field to date since the separate women’s divisions were added in 2010. In the women’s finals match, Wagner came close to taking two titles this year, but was thwarted by Frideres who capitalized on a couple of key errors made by Wagner. Frideres won 4-2. In 3rd place was Mary Rakin and 4th place was Vivian Villarreal.

In the week long bonus point and award competition the top three men were: Dennis Orcollo ($3,000), Shane Van Boening ($1,000) and Rodney Morris ($500). The women’s bonus points were a tie between Rebecca Wagner and Vivian Villarreal with the two women splitting the bonuses equally ($375 each). 

The 2013 USBTC was produced by CueSports International (CSI) and sponsored by the Grand Sierra Resorts and Casino. Live streaming was provided by The Action Report with commentary by Ken Schuman (www.theactionreport.com) and tournament direction by Bad Boys Billiard Productions with CSI. To view the entire payouts for the 8-ball divisions and all the brackets for the 20th US Bar Table Championships visit www.ctsondemand.com 

Payouts for the Men’s 9-Ball Division of the 20th US Bar Table Championships (below is up to 9th – 12th. Player were paid to 64th place)

1st $6,000: Jason Klatt
2nd  $3,500: Thorsten Hohmann
3rd  $2,200: Francisco Bustamante
4th  $1,500: Ernesto Dominguez
5th-6th  $1,000: Christopher MacDonald and Rodney Morris
7th-8th  $650: Darren Appleton and Oscar Dominguez
9th-12th  $450: Shane Van Boening, Larry Nevel Jr., Dennis Orcollo and Warren Kiamco

Payouts for the Women’s 9-Ball Division of the 20th US Bar Table Championships

1st  $1,175: Jessica Frideres
2nd  $675: Rebecca Wagner
3rd  $450: Mary Rakin
4th  $500: Vivian Villarreal
5th-6th  $200: Leandrea Gaff and Brittany Bryant
7th-8th  $125: Leslie Bernardi and Jennifer Alexander